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During the Covid-19 crisis, we brought our little grain of sand and we delivered thousand of essential supplies and food to vulnerable collectives.

The pandemic has been a wake up call for us and the birth of Glovo Access, our social platform. A platform that aims to respond to the essential needs of NGOs, social entities and public institutions by connecting them with Glovo’s ecosystem of users and partners to create cool social impact projects by using Glovo’s technology and logistics.

We can help together the people who need it the most, and contribute to building a world in which no one is left behind.

We look forward to hearing back from you!

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The pharmaceutical bank solidarity store & collection campaing

By choosing a virtual product in the Pharmacy section of Glovo, everybody can support the Italian Pharmaceutical Bank. The amount will be donated to Banco Farmaceutico to support the recovery and distribution of medical products to charitable structures in Italy. Glovo also collaborated in the 2021 Pharmaceuticals Collection Campaign by delivering in Milan’s pharmacies information material and in Rome some of the medicines collected for the communities in need.



Donation of cancelled orders in Lisbon

We partnered with Refood, an NGO that fights to eliminate food waste and hunger by donating food to people in social vulnerability in Portugal. All the cancelled orders in Lisbon are being picked up by the NGO and distributed around Lisbon. We have already donated more than 2,000 meals and looking to done much more!



Higenic products for the ones who need it the most

Valora Foundation receives surpluses from many different companies and distribute them among various NGOs. P&G, Valora and Glovo joint forces and delivered thousands of packs of sanitary products donated by P&G to the beneficiaries of the Un Incio Foundation, one of the NGO which Valora take care of distribuiting basic products donated by companies.



We have identified two priorities to make the most out of our last mile delivery system for the benefit of the causes we support:


Delivery of solidary meals


Logistic support

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